Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comma Confession

My name is Skye, and I do not know how to use commas properly.

I used to know, but for some reason the ability has since come loose and I suspect slid out my ear one night while I slumbered.

While polishing Project SS12 for submission, I found myself disagreeing with several of my Alpha and Beta readers about missing commas. "But a comma couldn't possibly go there!" I would think when they recommended it. "It doesn't sound right!"

Well, sound in music is one thing, but when it comes to proper punctuation, sound is a very different kettle of fish. It all came to a fish-head last night when I had a problem with over half the commas in the first chapter of Soulless. This is a published book from a reputable house - and not only that but I trust the author's punctuation skills. This left only one conclusion: the problem was with me.

So I apologize to anyone I may have led astray with my comma critiques. Do not trust my punctuation judgment at this time - it seems to have wandered off on holiday somewhere and refuses to return my calls.

Now that I have accepted my problem, I am seeking ways to remedy it, lest my writing suffer any more. As it is I am questioning every comma I put to the page. So if you will please excuse me, I am off  to brush up on my Strunk & White, Lynne Truss, and get my hands on a copy of Punctuation for Dummies...

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