Sunday, February 19, 2012

Library Haul: Floors of Breaking Cinder

It's time for a look at my Library Haul, the tower of goodies I picked up during my weekly trip to the libraries (TL, ML, and CL). Sideways are borrowed, upright are purchased used from library Friends.

This week I was on a mission to find a good read to strike my fancy, and scoured the Juv/YA shelves for possibles. Hence, the huge stack of fiction. Here is this week's haul:

  • Never did finish The Pledge, so thinking I might. Bliss looked intriguing, as well as Cinder, which I've been hearing a lot about. I read a blog review about Floors and it sounded fun, although I have since read Chapter 1 and haven't been impressed. Alcatraz is a re-read - I never got past Book 2 and want to continue the series, but refuse to continue without re-reading the previous ones first (I'm like that).
  • Since watching Going Postal, I've been interested in reading a Discworld book. I've previously tried Color of Magic and couldn't get through it, so I thought I'd just read one that sounded interesting. And why not read Going Postal itself? Unfortunately, I couldn't find a paperback - but I did find Making Money in paperback, which turned out to be the sequel to Going Postal. But I can't decide if I should read Going Postal before Making Money... Decisions, decisions...
  • Not that you would know it, but this is my second copy of A History of Ghosts, the reason being that my first copy is a smoker and I refuse to choke my way through it. Happily, this one appears to be smoke-free, so I can continue my research in peace.
  • Found a new Blade of the Immortal! Unfortunately, new volumes come out so infrequently that I always forget what's happened until now...
  • Although I have already seen it (twice, I believe), I put a hold on Ghostbusters for another watch. Strictly for research purposes, of course. Research.
  • Guess who has Breaking Dawn Part 1 and is dreading to watch it? Yeah, that would be me. But there are some things that a girl must do. If she must. I guess.
  • Yes, that is Doctor Who Series 6, Part 1. Now to find time to watch it...

What interesting items did you pick up from your last library trip?

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  1. Cinder is on my list to read! Let us know how you like it.