Friday, February 15, 2013


It's time for another entry in my "Currently..." segment, in which I let you know what I'm currently up to on a number of highly important topics.



Novels: I'm wrapping up Mystic City by Theo Lawrence. Predictable, but overall not a bad read. Just finished The Archived by Victoria Schwab. Took a few chapters to get into, but now I'm on the "it's awesome" bandwagon and highly recommend it! Reviews on both to come.
Manga: While I'm not reading much manga these days (shocking, I know, for me too) Volume 30 of Skip Beat, my favorite manga series, came out this month! We're digging into the Heel siblings arc, and it's a good one - I'm highly enjoying it.


TV: Snagged Merlin Season 4 on DVD! I love this series and it never fails to entertain. A show I'm looking forward to the return of is Body of Proof, the biggest reason being Christopher Chance is joining the show!!! XD Cannot wait.
Movies: As of late movies are much too long and therefore I haven't been watching any. Odd, I know, but who ever said I was normal? ;) I am starting to get a craving for something creepy though, and have been eyeing my copy of Sleepy Hollow...


Project P: I've been extremely busy so I've only been able to pick at it here and there, but I've hit a snag. There is a book releasing in May that has a lot of similarities to Project P. Too many similarities. So now I'm conflicted if I'm wasting my time and shouldn't try to move on to another story since this one is probably no longer a viable candidate for publication for me. At the same time though, I am fully invested in it now and therefore I think I'm going to at least finish the first draft. Still debating, though - will keep you posted.
Toaster: It was a hard decision, but I decided not to go through with posting Toaster. The edits turned out to be more involved than I'd originally anticipated, and I found I don't have time to work on it and get any writing done. I apologize to anyone who is disappointed, but it's the best thing for my writing right now. Do forgive. :(
New Project: Hmm? New project? Who's working on a new project? It certainly isn't me - nope. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT.


Blogging: I have decided on a posting schedule! You can check it out here.

Health: The "diet" is on the mend! Meaning I can add a few of the lesser things back into my diet if I'm careful. This will consist mainly of fruits that I have a hard time living without. I decided myself that I'm keeping away from dairy for at least a few more months, just to give my stomach a chance to bounce back, even if it will be torturous without my glass of milk with breakfast. T-T

Bookshelf: I've found a few awesome gals to trade with, and received several yummy titles in the mail this week! (I'll try to do a post to show them off. ;) I also won a copy of Cursed, which I'm really looking forward to reading. ARCs of Pulse and Unremembered found their way to my doorstep, and while they turned out to not be my cup of tea (to my utter disappointment), I was very happy the publishers were kind enough to send them. :)

Giveaways: I will be doing two giveaways soon! One for reaching 40 Followers (I have learned to celebrate small milestones :), and I will be giving away special swag with my review of Splintered by A.G. Howard. So keep an eye out for those!

That's it for me. What are you "currently" up to?

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  1. No more Toaster?! YARG.

    Don't give up on Project P just because it sounds similar to the other book. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I think it's because I start gravitating towards books that relate to the themes of my WIP because that's what I'm thinking about and naturally interested in at the time. But you are a different writer than whoever that other person is, so they are absolutely going to be different. Since when does a synopsis ever *exactly* capture the entirety of a book?

    Check out It's awesome. Though local book swappers are pretty cool too.