Friday, April 19, 2013

2nd Annual Book Fast: Results

The results are in! My 2nd Annual Book Fast last week went really well and I got a lot written, although I'm ashamed to say the project (and my stamina) did sort of die out in the end. Here's a breakdown of the week, and the words written:

Required words: 1,000
Written words: 1,273
Notes: Felt good to get back into it! Took a little effort (I was definitely rusty), but I knew where I was going so it was relatively easy sailing.

Required words: 1,000
Written words: 1,209
Notes: Major action scene! No problem getting words and had to eventually stop myself past burnout.

Required words: 500
Written words: 1,363
Notes: Major action scene, Part 2! Again, no trouble getting words - had to stop myself past burnout again.

Required words: 1,000
Written words: 1,011
Notes: Fell into a slow spot and had trouble getting words written, but when it comes to Character D, I'm never at too much of a loss for content.

Required words: 500
Written words: 0
Notes: Had a bad health day and allowed myself to take a break.

Required words: 1,000
Written words: 722
Notes: Reached a point in the story that required quite a lot of research before I could continue. Did the research instead of writing the last few hundred words.

Required words: 500
Written words: 0
Notes: Was too sick to do any one any good, including my writing. XP

Words required to be written the entire week: 5,500
Words written the entire week: 5,578

Overall this was definitely a good move for my writing. I was able to push through the end of the murky middle and almost to the peak of the story! After this next carefully crafted scene it will all begin to slide downhill, and although I'm not quite sure how it will go down, I'm looking forward to the ride.

Thank you to everyone for your support! Until next time...

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  1. Yay! You did so good! And you even got a few breaks in there. I mean it sucks that you were sick, but you met your goal and got a break so good for you!