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Greetings & welcome to Skye’s Scribblings, a blog for book reviews & writerly talk. I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

She Who Blogs Here

Skye is a late-twenties gal who looks like a teen and reads like one too. She aspires to be a published novelist (you will read her work one day!), but for now contents herself with reading others’ work and reviewing it. If you are a published author and she loves your books, you can be sure she currently stalks you on Twitter, so feel free to stalk her back (@skyelyte).

Her reading tastes lean mostly into Young Adult with a smattering of Adult Genre. She prefers stories with magic and/or a dystopian setting, and it is a rare, pigs-fly day when she reads anything contemporary that does not also include the words “romance” or “light” in its description. Her favorite authors include Gail Carriger, Natalie WhippleKasie West, and Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series), while her favorite books vary with her mood and each passing novel she reads – see her Goodreads Favorites Shelf for the growing list.

When she isn’t reading she is thinking about writing (the actual writing part is currently a struggle for her). Her story ideas mostly cater to her reading tastes, and she prefers writing in First Person, Present Tense. She started out a pure discovery writer but is slowly discovering the art of the outline – somewhat.

As a Japanologist, she adores Japanese culture and hopes to visit one day - although she can never seem to retain the language (her brain is like a sieve) and doesn’t really like the food (she still strives to find something she can eat, though). Her strengths include typing, cat wrangling, and brainstorming (not only for herself, but others as well), while her weaknesses are driving, remembering names (brain = sieve, if you recall), and letting go of books from her extensive collection. She collects cats (3), books (innumerable), author signatures, and maneki-neko (Japanese greeting cat statues). Her loves are (if you haven't guessed some of them by now) books, cats, magic, rain, and chocolate chip muffins (gluten-free and dairy-free), while she can’t stand bugs, balloons, heat, and strong smells.

You can find her online on Twitter and Goodreads, but she will only join Facebook if she gets a publishing contract. You will never find her on Tumblr because she just doesn’t get it (don’t hate).

Skye currently resides in the East Valley of Arizona. Not by choice.

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