Monday, April 9, 2012

Library Haul: I Hunt Books

It's time for a look at my Library Haul, the tower of goodies I picked up during my weekly trip to the libraries (TL, ML, and CL). Sideways are borrowed, upright are purchased used from library Friends.

Here is this week's haul:

  • Lots of yummy new YA novels to read! I'm attacking Black Heart by Holly Black first, since it's a favorite series. I Hunt Killers looks to be interesting, although I read the first chapter and it's no I Am Not A Serial Killer - which is actually probably a good thing.
  • New movies include War Horse, Atlas Shrugged Part 1, Jane Eyre, and Cafe. CL had I Dream of Jeannie Season 3, so I grabbed it for some quick and fun entertainment. I used to watch reruns every weekday as a kid after Bewitched. We finally finished Jericho, and I'm going to watch Still Walking this time around even if it kills me (it's my third check-out)!
  • I picked up two Vanessa Carlton CDs, hoping they would be just as good as her first two (which I own). Talk about disappointing! Her latest doesn't even sound like her. What happened?

What interesting items have you picked up from your local library as of late?

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