Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ultimate Story

Today was to be spent working on ID, but alas my Muse had other ideas (she does that to me a lot). Instead, my mind is currently lost in the throes of my Ultimate Story.

If you are a writer, I think perhaps you will understand. A writer's Ultimate Story is that story that is constantly forming at the back of their imagination, collecting and forming around all the writer's favorite topics and character traits and the best bits of things they have read. It is a difficult thing to actually write, but it is magnificent to behold and a marvel to wrap your full attention around.

Whenever I try to give my Ultimate Story my full attention, however, it is always just out of reach - like my cat M who desires to be petted, but never wants you to actually touch him. My Ultimate Story may crowd to the front of my imagination for attention, but whenever I stop to ponder it, perhaps even begin to write it, it slips just beyond my reach. I end up in a daze as I mentally chase it around my vast imagination, trying to catch a hold of its tail, but alas after all these years it still eludes me.

If your Ultimate Story has not yet shown its shadow, or you are not [yet] a writer, my best example of an Ultimate Story is Harry Potter. Such characters, such plotting, such a complete and dazzling world! To write something even half as good would be the ultimate accomplishment.

So good luck with your own Ultimate Story - I am off to stare at the wall and chase mine around some more. Perhaps, one day, it will finally let me pet it.

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  1. I'm am kinda terrified that my Ultimate Story will be totally ignored. I'm halfway in now, I'm completely stuck in and it's all I think about. But I'm scared I can't make it come alive. And sometimes when you read books from authors you admire, it inspires you, at other times it depresses you. For me, right now it's the latter! Fingers crossed then. I hope your Ultimate Story is coming along great! =] Thanks for posting. It really made me think.