Friday, May 6, 2011

Doubts & Assurances

I finished my read-through yesterday morning and was pleasantly surprised with what I have so far. "They" usually advise not to go back and read/edit what you've already written until you finish the 1st Draft, but if you ever find yourself doubting your characters, story, or ability, print out what you have and read it. If it's anything like my experience, it will do you wonders.

On EP's character: while she is proving a bit self-centered (as I'd thought), it seems to fit her nicely. Her narrow, sheltered view of the future world can prove sarcastic and surprisingly childish at times, both enjoyable qualities for the adult story. I am quite happy with how she has developed and therefore will continue to let her do as she pleases, instead of trying to direct her. Her sidekick AD is still a bit in development, but I'm close to figuring out his new place beside her and will fix his beginnings later.

As for the plot, it's a little choppy but I'm doing okay for right now (I did tone down the "mob scene" though XD). And I discovered two new leads for EP to follow! When I write, I never know what's going to come out, so I'm learning to always be watchful (and take notes!) lest I accidentally forget something along the way.

Overall, the read-through was a great success, and now I'm energized to continue my story.

My advice: When you are having doubts, read through what you have to rediscover your purpose. I was glad I did. And always take notes on everything!

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