Monday, May 16, 2011

When Inspiration Strikes

Never fear inspiration. "Of course not!" you say. "What writer would fear such a blessing?" Well, "they" can sometimes tell you that, while you are working diligently on one story, you should not work on any others. And if inspiration strikes you on another story? Well, just jot down a few notes and ignore it.

With no respect to "them," this is insane. Inspiration, no matter which of your stories it concerns, should never be ignored! Take a break from your current story and let your inspiration take you where it will.

But there's a catch: once the inspiration ends, you must go back to your current story.

This is where I always had trouble. I would get so caught up in the new story that I would put the old story completely out of my mind. And by the time inspiration died on the new story, the old story was a boredom best left until inspiration struck for it. And normally, it never did.

So if inspiration strikes you, run with it. But no matter if it's for a day or a week, make sure you always keep your current story at the front of your imagination, directly behind that shining inspiration. That way, when the inspiration finally vanishes (as it always will), your current story can step right back into front position (where it belongs). Always strive to finish what you start!

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