Sunday, January 15, 2012

Library Haul: Now That's What I Call a Haul

It's time for a look at my Library Haul, the tower of goodies I picked up during my weekly trip to the libraries (TL, ML, and CL).

Here is this week's haul:

  • Watched the Lemonade Mouth movie last week and had to get my hands on the soundtrack. Even grown-ups need a good empowering dance song or two sometimes.
  • Also got Now That's What I Call Music 40, which has some awesome songs on it that are playing on the radio right now. And the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, which I am listening (and enjoying) right this moment. :)
  • A new Otomen (Volume 11)! My much-needed infusion of cute. ;)
  • The hold list for Crossed was RIDICULOUS. We're talking over 100 for one library! Unfortunately I'll only have three weeks to read it, and there are about six books ahead of it in my stack. Why do they always come in when I don't have the time? *sigh*
  • And Left Hand Magic is finally in! Maybe what I need is to take a YA break to get back into my reading groove - it's worked before...
  • It's time to learn how ghosts tick - and how ghost hunters work. So I picked up what I could find on the shelf at the one library I had time to peruse at. The pickings weren't that good, but a quick catalog search showed there are awesome ones to be had if I put them on hold, so expect to see more in the upcoming weeks. Although an entire town that talks to the dead (Lily Dale)? Sold!
  • Lastly, the last season of Gilmore Girls is finally mine! Whom will she marry?
So what have you picked up from your local library lately?

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