Sunday, January 1, 2012

Library Haul: Super 8 and Eve, of Late

It's time for the first Library Haul of the year, in which I show you what goodies I picked up during my weekly trip to the libraries (TL, ML, and CL).

Here's my haul:

  • Legend by Marie Lu is back, so I can finally finish it! Woohoo!
  • I Follow Anna Carey on Twitter, and one day realized I'd never gotten my hands on her book Eve. How had that happened? After Legend, it's next on my list - and I'm really excited.
  • Also grabbed a copy of Misfit by Jon Skovron (who I just started Following on Twitter).
  • Picked up Super 8, which we watched last night. It was pretty good, but aliens? Really? The two main kids did an awesome job though. Fannings have such amazing talent.
  • Brainstorming Project V like mad right now, so once again I checked out a few books on plot (what I feel to be my weak point). I'll never really end up "reading" them, but I'll flip through'm at least once before taking them back. ;)
  • Acquired the new Florence + the Machine, although after an initial listen I'm not impressed. Also got the new Rihanna, which was even more of a disappointment. Not a good way to start off my new year of music.
  • Also made a stop to the nearest B&N (not all that near, but it was worth it). I snagged Skip Beat! (one of my favorite manga series ever) Volume 26, which I quickly breezed through and now find myself screaming with frustration at its speedy passing. It begins the Violence Mission saga, in which Kyoko and Ren act as very close brother and sister for his secret part in a movie. I was squeeing through the whole thing, and wailed when as it ended! Three months until the next installment... *sob*
So what did you pick up at your library as of late?
Oh, and Happy New Year! XD

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  1. The last things I've gotten from libraries are manga. So, so much manga. One Piece, Death Note, and some others...

    The last actual book I got was A Tale Dark and Grimm, which I enjoyed. And before that was Sisters Red, which I... Uh... Did not enjoy. XD