Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life in Bullets

The first of the two holiday weekends is over, and all I can show for it is a rotten five days of being sick, bare bedroom walls, and a really cool kitty necklace. Mother tried to be supportive of my writing and gave me a digital voice recorder, but the sound of my own voice makes me giggle. ;)

I've had a few inquiries about what I've been up to, so here are my answers in bullet points (because I like everything organized and separated by subject - don't you?):
  • Writing: My writing took a few weeks off (I didn't - it did), but I returned to Project V over the long weekend and got in about 1K before succumbing to my sickness again. It's still kind of boring to write, but I have an idea of the next few scenes now so I'm going to try and get them down since they're there. As for SS12, I haven't touched it since I declared it my next project - which is bad because that deadline will pounce on me very soon!
  • Life: I am in the process of re-doing my room, which basically means removing all the posters and putting up new ones. I really want to get a new bed and shift the furniture, but I said that last year and it still hasn't happened. To hopefully further my writing resolve I have declared my closet door "writing space," and have begun filling it with encouraging notes and points to remember and inspirational pics, all topped with a map of the world. I must say it's coming along nicely.
  • Movies: Finally saw Harry Potter Part 2, which concludes the HP movies. *sniffle* I was surprised at how close they stuck to the book, which I only found out after declaring several scenes were not in fact in the book and then upon revisiting the book discovered they in fact were. (My memory is horrible!) I also saw The Help, which everyone raved about but it depressed me to no end. Still, it gave me a story idea about zombies...
  • Reading: I lost Legend back to the library, but another copy is on its way so I can finish it. Mother & I have been into Charlie & the Chocolate Factory lately, so I re-read the book (she's already well into The Glass Elevator and doesn't like it ;). I'm also still trying to get through Fairy Tail - only a few volumes left. I learned one can only take so much FT at once, and my tolerance level was about 12 volumes (I have 15 right now). I'm also holding onto a copy of Shatter Me, although once I found out it's in journal form I was a little put off (used to love them, now not so much). Will still give it a try though.
So that's what I've been up to. How about you?

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