Sunday, December 18, 2011

Library Haul: Daring Girls & Grim Reapers

It's time for this week's installment of Library Haul, in which I show you what goodies I picked up during my weekly trip to the libraries (TL, ML, and CL). This trip was marred by the fact that by the time we reached CL, which is currently undergoing renovations, it had CLOSED, without warning, THREE HOURS EARLIER. Needless to say this left me distraught, as they are currently holding the LAST Harry Potter movie for me! *sob* So I have to wait until TUESDAY to get it. (They aren't even open Sundays! What is the world coming to...)

But even without CL's goodies, here was my haul:

  • A new Yotsuba&! finally appeared! I adore the adventures of the little girl, although it's so odd sometimes that I can only take a few chapters a sitting. ;)
  • Now that I've watched Willy Wonka, I want to re-read the books again, so I picked up the paperbacks. Now to find time to read them...
  • I came up with a story idea about a female grim reaper and remembered reading First Grave on the Right a while back. I figured there would be another book out by now, and sure enough there was (Second Grave on the Left) - and it was just waiting for me at TL! I adore perfect timing.
  • I listened to a Writing Excuses podcast episode with guest Andrew P. Mayer last week, and his book (The Falling Machine) sounded interesting so I picked it up. Not sure if it'll quite be my thing, but I'm willing to give it a try.
  • The books standing up are my used book haul, from both the library Friends and a quick stop by Changing Hands (which was crazy packed! Good for them!). I picked up The Daily Writer for my 2012 "daily writerly moment," which is one of the many plans I have for the year to come. I'm sure you'll be gleaning bits of wisdom from it as well as I read and blog about some of the entries.

So what goodies did you pick up your last visit to the library?


  1. Well, I still have about a thousand pages to get through on my current read, George R. R. Martin's 4th Game of Thrones Book, so my stop to the library was brief (drop off books, check kids shelf) but I found a gem! Come January, everyone will know who Tintin (by Hergé) is with the film release, but the comic book (apparently now considered graphic novel) series is a CLASSIC in my family, starting with my mother and her siblings reading them in French while living overseas as children. The books were THE only thing my reluctant-reader brother would bother over, and I'm thrilled that my own slow-reading-six-year-old has become fascinated with them as well. I checked out "The Blue Lotus" for him and you would have thought I'd given the child a block of chocolate... he was thrilled. I'm so happy. =)

  2. Your book hauls are great. I still stand in awe at how you can read all that so fast! How DO you do it?

    My own is small compared to yours. I'm still reading on The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It's really neat and spooky, but it can definitely give some freaky dreams! After it I plan to tackle a few others on my list. Maybe during my Christmas break I'll take more time to read. Enjoy yours!

  3. @Donelle Lacy

    I WISH I could read it all in a week, but I'm lucky to get through one book (or several manga) in a week. Some of what I bring home goes back unread, others are renewed to their limit as I try to get through them in the several months I'm allowed. But I grab things when I see them, lest I never see them again (and forget I ever wanted to read them)!