Saturday, March 24, 2012

Me & Harry Houdini

What do me and Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist and magician, have in common today? Answer: a birthday! If still alive today, he would be 138 years old. Me, I'm a little younger than that. ;) I actually learned quite a bit about how he spent his later life debunking spiritualists in my Project V research, which made me feel even closer to him.

I didn't find out about sharing a birthday with Houdini until only a few years ago. Before that, it felt like absolutely NO ONE shared my birthday, and it was lonely. :( Originally my birth certificate read that I was born on March 25th, because I was born so late (somewhere around 11:30pm). But Mother made them correct it, forever sticking me with this forsaken day of birth.

Today I gave March 24th a lookup on Wikipedia, and have learned I also share a birthday today with the American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, and American football star Peyton Manning. (There were a lot more, but these were the only ones I really recognized.)

A pattern I did recognize, however, was that today is a big birth day for sports stars. ... So, what am I doing here?

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