Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading, Writing, and Exciting News

(Apologies for the absent Library Haul this week - I had a Wordsmythes meeting!)

It has been a crazy few weeks. Between work & ailments & sick dogs, finding time to respond to emails and blog has been extremely difficult. Do forgive!


Project V is coming along, slowly but surely. I have finally reached the point in my brainstorming where I can begin writing again - namely, re-writing what I already have. As of today, Chapter 1 is done! *throws confetti*

The brainstorming went extremely well, and included a short backstory piece explaining how the actual novel story begins. I look forward to posting it someday after the first book comes out - it's quite good, if I do say so myself. ;) The brainstorming itself brought in two new characters to ground the main character more, as well as a greater understanding of said main character, the antagonist, and the fascinating organizations involved. Overall the fact that I have not become bored and instead maintain a steady interest in the story despite many, many attempts to be distracted by other stories tells me I am in for the long-haul on this one - which excites me to no end! XD


My writing club, Wordsmythes, had their first "official" meeting Saturday afternoon, which mainly consisted of us chatting and getting to know each other better. We've got some great ideas for the blog, and hope to have something up next month. Don't forget to Follow!


I am re-reading the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger, working my way up to the latest and last in the series, Timeless. I have finished the first book, Soulless, and even though I'm always singing the series' praises I was surprised at just how good it really was (and, ahem, how racy and descriptive it can get at times). I also purchased Soulless the Manga, and it is quite good as well.

I have taken a break from the series, however, to read Partials by Dan Wells. He is a magnificent writer (even if I can't get through his second Serial Killer book because it freaks me out), but with the first chapter of Partials behind me, I must say that I am not impressed. I will, however, give it several more chapters to redeem itself - Dan deserves that much.

Exciting News

I end with exciting news: I got a ticket to (most of) the San Diego Comic-Con! XD It was a pure and utter nightmare to acquire (the stress about laid me out for the day - thank goodness for my club meeting), but I eventually learned that I was a very lucky girl to even get one ticket, let alone three days' worth. So for now I shall be in attendance Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, and although the fact that I shall be absent Saturday (the most important day) fills me with despair, I am making plans to do something even more spectacular and fun and be like, "Take that, Comic-Con! I can have fun without you!" *shakes fist* I'm extremely excited to attend because the lovely and amazing Gail Carriger will be in attendance, and I shall finally get to meet her! XD

Now to get the hotel... *gulp*

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