Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Debut Authors Bash!

Guess who's participating in the 2013 Debut Authors Bash, and is really excited about it?

Yep, that would be me!

And why am I really excited about it? Because I will be interviewing the fun, the talented, the amazing Kasie West!

The two of us when she visited in May.

Check back September 4th to discover more about Kasie's debut, Pivot Point (including her Love List!), get a taste of the upcoming sequel, Split Second, and find the answer to the question that everyone has been wondering about the author herself!

There will also be a ton of other amazing authors participating in the 2013 Debut Authors Bash (we're talking dozens here), so be ready for a deluge of awesome posts (and giveaways!) from your favorite bloggers this September!

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