Friday, December 29, 2017

The #FridayReads Review (12/29/17)

Welcome to The #FridayReads Review, a regular Friday segment where I share what I've been reading the past week, and what I'm planning to read next! Want to join the Friday fun? Post your own #FridayReads Review and leave the link in the Comments below, or just Comment with what you've been reading!

Prince in Disguise
Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm (ARC)
After passing on three fantasy books I decided to give this teen contemporary romance a try. The banter is slightly odd, but the characters are realistically engaging and the story has proven fun and interesting enough to hold my interest. Currently half a dozen chapters in and happily sneaking pages whenever I can.

Honor Among Thieves (The Honors, #1)
Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre (ARC)
5 Stars. ALL THE STARS. An engrossing and exhilarating teen sci-fi with a kick-ass female lead and sweet but strong sentient ship. Review to come.

>> PASSED <<
Tempests and Slaughter (The Numair Chronicles, #1)Walk on Earth a Stranger  (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #1)

Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce (ARC)
I've heard such amazing things about Tamora Pierce, so when an ARC appeared from the publisher I decided it was time to give her a try. Sadly I didn't even make it through the first chapter - I didn't mesh with the writing style, where I'd expected YA I instead found MG, and I got the feeling the story would be a slower one with little action (not my cup of tea). For my full review, see my Goodreads comments here.

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson (ARC)
Passed after 2 chapters. As much as I enjoyed Rae Carson's Fire & Thorns series, I'm just not much for westerns and with its slower journey story and little magic to speak of I sadly passed.

(subject to change with my ever-shifting reading whims)
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 8
Honey So Sweet vol. 8 by Amu Meguro (PBK)
Time to finish this utterly adorable series!

So what are you reading this week?

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