Friday, June 3, 2011

Project Updates

It's been a while since I last posted! I've been busy reading a ton and writing a little. (I know - it really should be the other way around. Bad Jane!)

I have started two new projects: Project BW and Project V.

Project BW I have "mentioned" before - I consider it my Ultimate Story, and it is a doozy! I have a ton of research ahead of me, so I've decided to take my time and create it properly. It'll happen one day, but it will be several years from now. All I can say so far is that it's set on an alternate timeline and deals with books.

Project V I consider my "Ultimate YA Series." My Harry Potter, if you will - or probably more like my Hunger Games, but only because it's a trilogy and geared towards older teens (that's about all they have in common). I have been researching and mapping common denominators in popular young adult series for about a year now, and it has finally paid off. It's still in the very early planning stages, but the concept is coming along nicely. It's sort of about a secret society and ghost-like beings, but really isn't - I not quite sure how to describe it yet.

Project ID is coming along slow but relatively sure. The plots are a bit of a rat's nest right now, but I'm discovering ways to keep them straight. The writing part is going pretty smooth, thankfully - when I actually sit down and do it (again, bad Jane!). The actual "putting your butt in the chair and writing" part has always been my hardest obstacle.

So my one project has turned into three. But so is the life of a writer.

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