Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PMTs, IVs, LV, and Project V - i.e. Updates

It looks like I'm back! Yay! XD Thank you for all of your well wishes for my recovery. I'm not out of the woods yet (I'm still miles from the road, lost in the forest without a paddle to stand on), but I'm much better than a few weeks ago.

My recovery was brought about by a trip to the local Emergency Room where I received an IV, a Tylenol, and a brain scan that revealed nothing (which explains a lot, really). This trip began with six (count them, SIX) PMTs showing up on my doorstep at 3:30 in the morning with an ambulance AND a fire truck. Talk about overkill! They filled my living room and cost me about $1,000 to simply drive me to the ER. I expected oxygen and an IV for the ride over (which is why I called them), but alas it was simply an expensive drive full of questions I was too out of breath to answer. Ah well - at least I now know how it works for any future writing. ;)

Seriously though, the PMTs and hospital staff saved my withering life. I am marking them down in permanent ink in my Big Book of Awesome People.

After recovering some I got to go to Vegas last weekend! XD Although I thought the drive was going to kill me (I swear it almost did), I ended up having a pretty good time - even if I never got to The Gun Store. :( I set a chunk of an old story in Vegas (let's call it Project U), so I visited a few of the spots they haunt for the ambience and such, as well as the local library (I'm such a library nerd ;). Didn't gamble one penny (not that you could). I had three quarters on me at the beginning, but ended up spending them on postcards for Mother (she always insists on postcards). Oh, and my brother got married (the whole reason for the trip).

As for my writing, I haven't really done any in a month. I was so exhausted all the time that it was hard to think straight let alone write, and then recovering was all about testing and resting and getting back on my feet and catching up on NanoML duties. And then I discovered that I am incapable of doing anything but stare out the window on long car rides now, so writing was out for the drive to Vegas and back. And who doesn't waste their down time watching Cable at the hotel when they don't have it at home? ;)

So I've officially given up on Project V until December (when I shall finish it or perish), as Nano November is less than a week away! I had originally planned to write a story called Plant Life, based on Owl City's song, but I wrote a similar story last year and feel I want to do an adult story this year - less random adventure and more...Transformers? I don't know why, but when November rolls around I feel Transformer-ish. And this was not helped by last night's viewing of Dark of the Moon. But Transformers aside I'm going to go through my old story ideas and see if anything jumps out at me. Or perhaps I shall simply wing it - I've never done that before, and it may be fun (maybe). Decisions, decisions...

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