Friday, April 5, 2013

Last Month I Discovered...Giveaways

"Discovery" is my 2013 Word for the Year, 
so at the end of each month I look back to reflect on what I discovered.

In March I discovered... giveaways rock.

Won in a February box giveaway from Bibliopunkk!
Luckiest win EVER.
Okay, so this isn't some big discovery - everyone loves winning things. But I somehow won quite a bit in March after the losing streak that has been my life, and when the above box of pretties arrived at my door I was every shade of happiness. So maybe what I really discovered was some happiness? Whatever it was, it made for a pretty good birthday month. :)

Further Things I Discovered Last Month:
  • Draft reviews immediately, but also allow a few days of pondering time: I know, this goes against what I said last month, but I read somewhere that you should allow for a "percolating" time before finalizing a review - jot down your initial thoughts, but then step back a day or two and let your brain mull over the book as a whole. Writing the review immediately makes for a bit of an emotional mess as All the Happys and All the Sads collide in a mass of confusion. Allowing everything to settle and stepping back to look at how you felt objectively does make for a better review all around.
  • I want to write: And I want to write Project P. While I'm still a little nauseous about the uncertainty it's currently bogged in, it's calling to be finished no matter what. So I will be hosting my Second Annual Book Fast in mid-April (read all about it here) to get myself back into the swing of it, and hopefully you will be hearing of it's First Draft completion very soon. (Knowing me, though, don't hold your breath. ;)
  • Priorities are key: ...Yeah, I still haven't gotten to this one yet. Note to self: make it a priority to sort out my priorities.

So what did you discover last month?

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