Friday, April 18, 2014

3rd Writer Blog Anniversary

For those who don't know, Skye's Scribblings began its life as Write or Die Trying, a writer blog.

The switch to "review & writer blog" happened two years ago this January (now the "official" blogoversary for this blog), and earlier this year we celebrated its second year with great fanfare and, of course, a giveaway.

But when April 18th rolls around, I always like to mention my writer blog anniversary as well, if only in passing.

I initially created the writer blog because I wanted to put myself out there a little more and talk about my writing experiences and discoveries. Unfortunately, when it comes to most "creative non-fiction" writing, my thoughts become a jumbled mess that never comes out right, and no amount of editing makes it coherent enough to click "Publish." (This small post alone took me two days to write, and still almost didn't get published. *sigh*)

Eventually, I barely posted anything on the writer blog - but discovered that I rather enjoyed book reviewing, a type of creative non-fiction I was actually able to publish. I still wanted to keep the writer blog alive, but maintaining it and the review blog separately was too much trouble. So I decided to mash them together, giving myself the opportunity to talk about writing when I could but generating another type of bookish content when I couldn't. And so, "Skye's Scribblings: YA book review blog and ramblings of an aspiring novelist" was born.

While the blog currently focuses almost exclusively on books and reviews, I do hope to really give the "ramblings of an aspiring novelist" part more attention (and posts) someday. I am planning to do some serious writing this summer, so maybe that someday will be a lot sooner than it appears...

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