Sunday, December 6, 2015

Small Screen Review (11/29/15-12/5/15)

I watch quite a bit of telly. More than I should, really. So since I watch as much television as I read books, I thought I should "review" what I watch each week, both television and movies (I only watch movies on DVD at home, long story). Nothing fancy, just a few sentences about what I thought of what I watched. (I'll try to avoid spoilers, but no promises.) Comment with your thoughts on the shows!

This Week's Best Episode
The Muppets

Agent Carter: Season 2 coming January 19.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Despite being all about revenge, it wasn't a bad episode, especially considering next week's winter finale will take place at least partially in the alien world!!

Blindspot: Will return February 29.

Bones: No new episode this week.

Castle: Will return February 1.

Elementary: No new episode this week.

Fresh Off the Boat: Eddie stole the show from his parents this week! Unfortunately it wasn't too hard.

Galavant: Season 2 coming January 3.

The Great Holiday Baking Show: The British Baking Show comes to America for the holidays! Definitely not as good without the hosts or Paul (or the hosts), but at least they got Mary Berry, I guess? And otherwise it's basically the same show. Well, enough anyway.

iZombie: Pending...

Last Man Standing: Just okay - wasn't big on either storyline. I'm all for pushing kids to practice and do better, but yelling at them not so much. And while Eve's my favorite, when boys are involved she loses everything that makes her cool.

Limitless: No new episode this week. We watched the Episode 2 rerun though, and quite enjoyed it.

Master Chef Jr.: So happy the team that deserved to win actually won! (It almost never happens.) I wish I could say the same for the kids who were cut this week, though - no surprise there was a lot of yelling at the screen at the end.

The Muppets: The Great Gonzo (brought to you by Piggy Water) returns for one final stunt! Too bad no one was watching. P.S. Gordon-Levitt was AWESOME.

Once Upon a Time: No new episode this week.

Person of Interest: Season premiere unknown.

The Player: No new episode this week.

Scorpion: No new episode this week.

Superstore: Watched the "Special Preview" hour and it wasn't bad. Will it last? Probably not. I laugh at pretty much everything and personally don't mind bad unpolitical correctness, but the second episode was not cool in one major way that I don't think it'll survive in the wild long. I'll be surprised if it actually officially premieres January 4. But who knows, I have been wrong before (at least twice).


Melissa & Joey (Season 1): Discovered at the library. Nothing spectacular, but it's funny enough and I'm a Melissa fan.

Iron-Man: Re-watch (3rd? 4th?). Even better than the last time. Looking forward to re-watching the 2nd and 3rd soon as well!

Thor: The Dark World: After Avengers 2 I wanted to catch back up on the last Marvel movie round (and get a long overdue Loki fix). Discovered I'd completely forgotten nearly everything that happened in this one so I got to enjoy it all over again, although Thor movies just aren't quite as good as the others. Captain America 2 next.

What a Way to Go! (1964): We caught part of this on TV a few weeks ago and were interested enough to grab it from the library. We're normally not much for Shirley MacLaine, but it was an engaging and amusing movie with an original plot and a good ending.

So that's it for this week! What did you watch?

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