Friday, July 19, 2013

The Friday Review (7/19/13)

Welcome to The Friday Review, a weekly segment where I share what I've been reading!

Rush (The Game, #1)Miss Fortune CookieCity of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)

Rush by Eve Silver (ARC)
This was my most anticipated read of 2013, and it's turning out to be the worst book I've ever read. I have never been more shocked by a book before. The characters act contrary to their personality and break their own rules, details are over-explained and repeated yet I never really get any actual answers, tension is drowned in infodumping... Needless to say, I'm only finishing this book because I was so determined to read it, but I am a huge ball of anger and frustration at this point.

Miss Fortune Cookie by Lauren Bjorkman (ARC)
A cute, light, but slow read that would be better suited as a movie. Still, not bad. Review to come.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (Pbk)
I've had no interest to read this book for years, and then Wednesday I was struck with the urge to read it immediately. No idea why. Luckily my library was ready to oblige by processing a brand new copy yesterday! Which was extremely lucky because every old copy was checked out due to the movie hype. Hope it's as good as everyone raves.

So what are you reading this week?

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