Friday, March 22, 2013


It's time for another entry in my "Currently..." segment, in which I let you know what I'm currently up to on a number of highly important topics.

This week is my birthday week! Be sure to check out my 2013 birthday picks and enter the giveaway on my special post here.


The Elite (The Selection, #2)

Novels: Just finished re-reading The Selection. When I first picked it up last year, I thought it was a stand-alone - imagine my horror when I discovered it, in fact, wasn't. There was a lot of screaming involved, and a rambling tirade of a review that will never see publication. But going into it this time with full knowledge of what I was getting myself into, it turned out to be a fabulous read - just goes to show I'm the type that needs full disclosure. Now I'm devouring The Elite, and quite enjoying it as well.
Manga: Another Yotsuba& finally came into the library! This series is so adorable, even though it has to be read in several sittings, for some reason - too much makes me a little loopy.


TV: Our house adores Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian historical mystery series. Murdoch is all about using science and deduction to catch his perpetrators, although our favorite character is the protege and now-novelist Constable Crabtree. ;) If you haven't given this series a try, definitely do. And next week will see the return of Revolution! I hadn't heard anything about it in a while so I thought it had been cut, but lo and behold the commercials have begun again. It's not one of my favorite series, but as it's dystopian and not too bad I couldn't help but get hooked.
Movies: I finally got my hands on Wreck-It Ralph! I've been looking forward to this movie for a while. It was really cute, and now I'm a total Vanellope fan. SHE IS SO ADORABLE.


Project P: Due to way too many similarities to an upcoming release, Project P has been put on hold until I can read the offending book and determine just how similar the similarities are. So far, just off the summary, it may be up for the Trunk. T-T
Project V: I pulled out several older projects to possibly take up once more, and as always Project V is the one that stands out. I'm now perusing my notes again.
New Project: Who has a new story idea about an alien abduction? I have no idea what you're talking about.


Blogging: This week has been busy! I now post religiously every Monday (a book review) and Wednesday (usually for the meme Waiting On Wednesday), and try to post something every Friday. It makes for a lot of bustling on my part, but I enjoy it.

Bookshelf: I have been blessed with some luck this 2013. I've made a few pretty awesome trades, and won a few giveaways! Needless to say, though, my TBR pile is INSANE.

Giveaways: My birthday giveaway of an ARC of Etiquette & Espionage is still running here! You have until tomorrow midnight to enter - good luck!

That's it for me. What are you "currently" up to?

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