Friday, March 1, 2013

Last Month I Discovered...Scheduling

"Discovery" is my 2013 Word for the Year, 
so at the end of each month I look back to reflect on what I discovered.

In February I discovered... the art of scheduling - especially posts. It has proven extremely helpful and wondrously freeing at times. But scheduling has its downsides too - it allows me to be lazy, and soon I find myself scrambling to catch up again (for example, I'm writing this post the day before it goes live). So while I'm still far from having a handle on it, I think I'm slowly but surely mastering the art.

Further Things I Discovered Last Month:
  • Don't Just Draft Reviews Immediately - Finalize Them Too: I was very proud of myself for drafting my reviews immediately after reading the books. But once the initial draft was done, I thought I could finalize them at my leisure, be it days or weeks later. Not so. I have learned the hard way that what I think is a full draft can prove oh so sparse, and when I finally come back to finalize them I can find myself without a full review. So now I'm trying to make sure I have the final draft done within a week - or else.
  • 2013 is My Luckier Year!: I've never been one to win much of anything, but this year I've actually won several giveaways! Although they weren't things I was dying to get, I have gotten some pretty darn good stuff none the less. Here's hoping the year continues to be good to me. 
  • Priorities Are Key: And I need to make some. Unfortunately in February I was a flounder when it came to having any, so I will be tackling this issue head-on in March.

So what did you discover last month?

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