Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Things About Project IM

Since I can't offer a summary about Project IM right now (it's still in the initial brainstorming stages, among other reasons), I thought I'd at least offer a few highly vague yet somewhat telling things to give you an idea what it's about. So I give you:

  1. It's set in an imaginary city. That is round. Because apparently I can only create round imaginary cities.
  2. It's a utopian city. That quickly turns apocalyptic due to a handful of disgruntled men and one selfish politician. Because can there really be a genuinely interesting story set in a utopia?
  3. It's narrated by a boy. Who is following/helping/in love with a girl.
  4. Said girl is rather oblivious. And absentminded. And on the plain side. Yet she is All The Awesomesauce to him. And the city. Well, most of it.
  5. There is magic. Okay, it's not exactly magic - it's more like powers. But they are wicked powers.
  6. There is a lot of running.

(Yes, I know that's one too many. Since when have I ever done the proper number of items on a numbered list?)

So there you go, five (six) things about my current WIP, Project IM! I'll try to offer more tidbits about it in the future as I make progress on the story.


  1. And there is lots of running. I wanna read this thing with running!

    1. The running really does make the book. You have good reading taste! ;)