Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New WIP: Project IM

Shortly after last month's post about finishing the first draft of Project P, I settled on Project VIN for my next WIP. After throwing the imaginary confetti, I started printing research, tacking up inspirational pics on my Writing Wall, and sketching an outline. I even drafted the first few chapters, feeling out the story. The aliens were creeping me out, the body count was getting higher, and all was going quite well, thank you very much.

And then Project IM did this to Project VIN:

With a power-packed push that sent Project VIN to the back recesses of my mind, Project IM forced itself to the forefront of my imagination and demanded my full attention. It literally smothered Project VIN, whispering in my ear how Project VIN was boring and needed more research than I wanted to give it right now and really should percolate a while longer and wouldn't it be better as a YA book instead of NA perhaps I should give it some more thought before fully devoting myself to it? Then Project IM flaunted its shiny utopian goodness and lack of research needs and infinite possibilities and sure its female MC was still alluding me but wouldn't it be fun to finally catch her?

So needless to say...I'm now working on Project IM.

Don't look at me like that. I'd like to see you resist it someday.

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