Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Have Joined The Family (#VMafia)

Guess who is one of the newest V Mafia Family members? Me, that's who! It's a privilege and an honor to be a part of author Victoria Scott's entourage, and I plan to take my appointment very seriously.

As my VIF (Very Important Followers), you will get in on some of the goodies as well - and sooner than you might think. Be on the lookout for exclusive V Mafia content very soon!

So what is the V Mafia, anyway? Here's the lowdown from Boss Victoria's website:

"The V Mafia are readers who want to support me in my career. They are my Family, and my blood. The folks who join V Mafia are teenagers, adults, book reviewers, librarians, teachers, writers, readers, and just all around kick ass people. They help promote my books by using word-of-mouth and/or social media to inform friends and family about my work. In return, I provide early looks at my next books, an exclusive email address to contact me, opportunities to win prizes, and my undying affection." 

If you're a fan of the Dante Walker trilogy or upcoming Fire & Flood trilogy, or just want to be part of the V Mafia yourself, fill out the form here! They are taking applications for the next batch until October 30th. Get in on the fun - join the Family! 


  1. Welcome to the family! I just joined last week, so I'm new too. :)

  2. I still plan to read the Dante Walker books. They sound good. The V Mafia sounds exciting and it's always great when you support authors you love. Congrats!