Sunday, October 4, 2015

Small Screen Review (9/28/15-10/3/15)

Back for the 2015 fall lineup, it's Small Screen Review!!

I watch quite a bit of telly. More than I should, really. So since I watch as much television as I read books, I thought I should "review" what I watch each week, both television and movies (I only watch movies on DVD at home, long story). Nothing fancy, just a few sentences about what I thought of what I watched. (I'll try to avoid spoilers, but no promises.) Comment with your thoughts on the shows!


Blindspot: This show is really growing on me, although I could've done with a different actor for the main guy. Love the main girl, though. Definitely continuing.

Heroes Reborn: Now three episodes in and it's proving just too old hat. The technology is a little interesting (although it's totally been done before) as well as the twist for Chuck (apologies, he will always be "Chuck" to me), but otherwise it all boils down to non-powered hunting powered and Bennet obsessing about Claire, and I don't know if I can take the latter for yet another season. Will give it one more episode.

Last Man Standing: We are discovering that quite a lot changed with the family last season (aka the season we still haven't seen), but thankfully a little confusion doesn't seem to ruin the jokes for us. I think it's going to be a keeper.

Limitless: If The Player isn't careful this may elbow it out as this season's favorite show for me - absolutely loved this episode and hope the rest of the season will be just as awesome!

Minority Report: I guess this just isn't original enough for me, because I couldn't even make it through the episode. Sadly eliminated.

The Muppets: Okay this is seriously funny. We're really enjoying it. Definitely a keeper.

The Player: An awesome thrill ride that reminds me a lot of original Person of Interest, and there is no show better to be reminded of. Maybe not quite as amazing as I'd been imagining, though? This week Limitless definitely won in the individual episode department.

Supergirl: Series Premiere 10/26


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Not a bad opening episode. The new twists are interesting. We had the hardest time remembering what went down last year though so we're a little disoriented. Surprise bonus: Skye is now Daisy, which means no more flinching every time someone calls her name!

Bones: Another missing spouse doing questionable things in a two-week opener (aka Castle). No better proof for me that this show really should've ended several seasons ago while it was still ahead. Will I still watch it, though? Probably. But for the first time, due to several points, it's seriously under consideration.

Castle: While I can foresee it essentially giving me what I want (Castle acting out to get Beckett's attention, just like the old days), I do not approve. What is it with shows and their season/series-long conspiracy arcs nowadays? And this one has been overdone to death.

Elementary: Season Premiere 11/5

Fresh Off the Boat: What's to say except no surprise another amazing episode and the two younger boys are the highlights. Can we refocus the show to be about them, please?

Gotham: Still pending. I have a "three unwatched episodes means I don't watch it" policy, so we'll see what happens next week.

The Great British Baking Show: It never ceases to surprise me that, although we speak the same language (for the most part), American and British baking can be so vastly different. Also, how we like our contest shows (aka theirs are so much nicer).

iZombie: Season Premiere 10/6

Master Chef Jr.: Season Premiere 11/6

Once Upon a Time: I was all ready to stop watching with this season, but Dark Emma was just too interesting a concept to pass up. And I really liked it! Until the "Six Weeks Later." Why are we skipping over the best part in favor of flashbacks so that we can return to the overused memory loss and Savior plot devices? *SIGH*

Person of Interest: Season Premiere Unknown

Scorpion: The action continues to pull the show through by the skin of its teeth. Still on the fence about whether it's a keeper or not.


Heroes (Season 4): Finally passed the point where I stopped before! Not surprised where I stopped, given the whole Nathan situation - I never liked him, and the way everyone treated him this season, as if last season never happened...argh. Only two episodes left! Although this week's Reborn episode already ruined the ending (thanks for that, Chuck).

No movies this week.

So that's it for this week! What did you watch?

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