Saturday, October 25, 2014

Small Screen Review (10/19-10/25)

I watch quite a bit of telly. More than I should, really. So since I watch as much television as I read books, I thought I should "review" what I watch each week, both television and movies (I only watch movies on DVD at home - long story). Nothing fancy, just a few sentences about what I thought of what I watched. (I'll try to avoid spoilers, but no promises.) Comment below with your thoughts on the shows!


Selfie: Since I didn't have enough to watch this week I recorded another episode and was pleasantly surprised how good it was! Probably my favorite episode so far. Perhaps there's hope for this show after all.

Gotham: Penguin made a serious misstep, in my opinion, which felt really out of character. But considering how well it worked for him in the end I guess it was part of his plan? Loving how Bruce's story is building, as well as Fish's "weapon" which I totally called but it'll still be awesome.

</Scorpion>: Wasn't as impressed with this episode for some reason, but Happy's cool cred went up even more, at least. Looking forward to next week's episode with Hetty from NCIS:LA!!

Forever: Our recording cut off halfway through the show (stupid box), so we're currently cliffhanging it until it becomes available online next week. And of course it was a really good episode about a serial serial killer with the promise of a death for the doctor! *SIGH*


The Paradise: Denise takes her new position and does a splendid job of it, even with a hiccup. And Jonas is doing what he does best. I actually think I didn't like him last season, but he's my favorite character in this one!

Once Upon a Time: FINALLY an episode about Mr. Gold! Why Belle thought that just because she married him she can now leave him alone and he'll be good I don't know, but he's off being even darker than before and I'm loving it. This season is all about tigers and their unchanging stripes, apparently.

Castle: Castle in the classroom. LOVED.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: We're finally getting some answers! Even if they only create more questions. And Simmons is back! And we added a new kick-arse lady! AND next week: WARD.

Person of Interest: I'm liking the new and improved Root - and the new twist on The Machine! Yet another great season.

Bones: A repeat. Already. Boo.


Haven: Thanks to the newest library on my library rounds (I now have 4 ;), I have discovered Haven! While nothing spectacular, it's practically clean (so far, 3 episodes in) and witty, and I always appreciate a supernatural element. In my scope of shows, it's Eureka meets Warehouse 13, but instead of things with powers it's people.


After Earth (library): I'd heard this wasn't all that good, but it was a slow watch week so I grabbed it to satisfy my curiosity. While the characters were pretty bad (the boy was such a whiner baby), the story was okay (I'm a sucker for dystopians) so it was watchable. I was shocked to discover it was by M. Night Shyamalan, though - I loved The Sixth Sense, but sadly his movies have gone downhill from there for me.

Heartbreaker (library): My first French film! It's about a guy who "rescues" unhappy women from bad relationships by seducing them so they break up with their boyfriends. On principal he only takes jobs with unhappy women, but desperately in need of money he takes a job to break up a seemingly happy couple, and of course falls in love with the woman. While most definitely French and a little kooky, it was a cute and funny story. And I loved the sister! She was amazing. Will there be any more French films in my future? Probably not. Generally I'm not much for foreign films, mainly because of the subtitles and difference in culture (I even struggle with Japanese ones, and I adore their language and culture!). But I'm glad I finally saw a French film, and this was a great pick - thanks for the recommendation, Christianna! <3

So that's it for this week! What did you watch?

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