Friday, December 19, 2014

Looking for Stocking Stuffers?

This is not a paid advertisement. Just me spreading the word about a great company! :)

Goat Milk Stuff LLC

Looking for great stocking stuffers, or on the lookout for natural skin care products? Then I recommend you check out Goat Milk Stuff!


Owned and operated by an awesome homeschool family, each family member participates in producing their handmade goat milk soaps, from the initial milking of the goats to the final bagging of the soap. They use natural ingredients with no chemicals, dyes or synthetic colors - you can count on their products having minimal ingredients you can trust!

Other Stuff

But there's much more to them than just soap! They also have lotions, salves, bug repellent, deodorants, hand sanitizers, soy candles and much more, as well as knit washcloths, soap savers and dishes, and for the guys, shaving accessories! My favorite product is their lip balm (Black Cherry is my flavor, while my mother likes Vanilla ;).

Indigo Bracelets

And Indigo, one of their youngest, makes loom bracelets! You can even customize the weave and colors.

"But, Skye!" you say. "The person I'm buying for is dairy-free!" Well, so am I! But aside for their goat milk soaps, a lot of their products are dairy-free (and gluten-free!), so they really have something for everyone. And if you or someone you know has problem skin, hundreds of people with skin conditions - dry skin, acne, even eczema and rosacea - have found relief with their soaps! Just check out the testimonials.

Almost all (if not all) of their products are the perfect size for stuffing stockings (they even have gift sets!), so whether you're looking for Christmas gifts or on the hunt for some new natural products, check out Goat Milk Stuff and support a great family making great products! I highly recommend them.

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