Friday, November 11, 2011

Nano Day 11: Singin' In the Shower

Dear Diary,

It has been a good day. The tunnel hole is up to my kneecaps, and if my hands hold up I hope to be out of this wretched place mid to late next week.

I hit a snag when I realized that a hole's contents must be relocated elsewhere, but I have repurposed my scale New York City and built a nice fort in the right corner behind the door. It is a bit of a blind spot for the guards, and now they dare not approach it since I told them that it was my Fortress of Solitude, and I would scream like a banshee if they set foot inside. My solitude likes to be alone, thank you very much, and should be left as such.

I requested a writing utensil catalog from the night guard, and when I am not digging I have begun the important process of choosing just the right red pencil with which to attack those banked words...

Yours bleeding yet cunning,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 11

Every writer has a place where the muse hits them over the head with a bat - I mean, delivers brilliant ephiphanies on fluffy white clouds with golden trumpets and such. Mine is the shower. I will begin pondering my latest story as I shampoo my hair, and by the time I'm stepping out I am brimming with ideas!

Today my muse visited me, and let me tell you, I am MAJORLY brimming. Yesterday I had no idea what would happen in my dreaded middle, and today I know EXACTLY what will happen. EXACTLY. I have never said that before. EXACTLY. It feels REAL good. :)

See, there was another outline sentence I forgot to mention yesterday: "The spy dad is captured where he is so they aren't getting any help from him." I had planned to let him do his own thing off-screen, and then eventually break himself out and get to them just in time to wrap up the finale.

But in the shower, I started thinking about how the assistant is leaving him phone messages about where they are - cryptic ones, just in case someone else gets ahold of his phone. And, of course, the people who have him would have his phone, and be getting these messages. Would that change anything?

And why would they keep him alive anyway? Would they want to exchange him for someone? If so, who would they know to contact? Wouldn't it be whoever is constantly ringing his phone? So if they called the assistant, she would totally get involved, especially since the agency would never negotiate for his life (he's really not supposed to exist) but SHE would because she doesn't want the son to lose his other parent so soon after losing his mother... Therefore, they would have to rescue the dad themselves.

And there it was. The secondary plot that would take up the whole middle and keep them constantly moving and in danger (because they will have to break out whoever they are supposed to trade the spy dad for, and the good guys won't like that).

And all in a half-hour. In the shower.

Isn't my muse AWESOME sometimes?

So there's my middle. And this will slide VERY nicely right into the Third Part. The only worries I should have now? Getting my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keys.

Whoever says Week 2 is hell, they have never met me.

Happy 11/11/11! XD

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