Monday, November 28, 2011

Nano Day 28: The End & Start

Dear Diary,

I HEAR VOICES. And I do not believe they are only in my head! I am quite elated.

The sewer finally gave way to a dirt tunnel that every so often is topped by a manmade substance, such as the brick and mortar I am currently sitting under. And I can clearly hear voices coming through!

After digging the last bits of jelly from my last jar I will begin using my trusty spoon to dig out some of the bricks. It's time to come up for air!

Yours on the rise,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 28

It is official - I FINISHED ASAU.

With about 3K still to go.

But I dove right back into Project V without taking a breath. It has been a bit of a rocky start - I haven't read or written a word of it in over a month. But I'm already up almost 1K - only a little more than 1K to go! XD

Concerning Project V, it feels REALLY good getting back to it. I am ready to get down and dirty and finish it already! Curious, I glanced at my notes and discovered I came up with the idea for it the end of May. Such a short time ago! This has to be a record story turnaround for me. But that was the plan in the first place.

ALMOST there!

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