Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nano, Day 3: Handwriting Analysis

Dear Diary,

I awoke this morning to discover it had not, in fact, all been a horrible dream brought on by a bad piece of fish. I had awoken yesterday to this same fact, but decided to set the matter aside for a later date.

That date proved to be today when I also discovered that the endless pile of freshly edited manuscripts awaiting my perusal was, in fact, a dream, and I, in fact, had nothing to entertain myself in this improper establishment.

After threatening to contact my attorney - if they would so kindly lend me the use of a phone - my captors brought me a large stack of New York Times Best-sellers to read. At last, sustenance! But alas I have since found no less than three mistakes in each one, and have subsequently abandoned them for the ingredients lists on the backs of my packaged rations.

Yours without sorbitol,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 3

ASAU is coming along, although not in an easy way to determine - and not as easily as I had imagined.

While I have had full access to no less than three computing devices, I have found myself choosing to write my novel by hand - a low-tech method that does not include an instant word counting feature. So instead of getting any extra words in tonight, I will have to instead type up all the words I have already written if I wish to determine today's count. But at least I saved my eyes some screen fry-time.

And while the story is coming along, it is not exactly what I had imagined. I found myself thinking, on more than one occasion, that the story writes more like a screenplay than a novel - more blow-by-blow action and dialogue and less description and emotion. I can only hope that it's simply first scene jitters, but I am writing third person past-tense, which after at least an entire year of first-person present-tense I may be discovering myself a bit third-person rusty.

But I shall prevail! XD

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