Monday, November 7, 2011

Nano Day 7: Sneak Writing

Dear Diary,

I am quite clever, my sparkly pink friend. I heard the guards approaching and pretended to be asleep so I could overhear their conversation.

They were discussing my host, and I have learned that she is attempting to write an entire novel during my absence. This is quite an absurd notion - she can write naught a single word without me!

Then they mentioned something about her already having 13,000 words in the bank, and my stomach fell. She was keeping her words in a bank? How would I ever get to them, to edit them and polish them and make them shine? I decided drastic measures had to be drawn up, and quickly.

I have thus begun to make my plans for escape, and subsequent word retrieval. I have tentatively titled these measures: "Operation Cuckoo's Nest."

It is a working title.

Yours soon to be removed from within,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 7

Despite last evening's television distraction, I made today's word count and then some, demoting my "required" writing at work today to "recommended." And lucky for me I wasn't too busy and was able to sneak write another 1,200 words! XD Overall, a pretty good day.

As for my story, it is still proving pretty easy to write. I have introduced and set up all three main characters - the spy's (who is now a "secret agent," mostly because it gives me two words instead of one ;) assistant, the spy's son, and the spy's brother-in-law. And they are about to be driven out of the house and forced on the run by a team of bad guys lurking upstairs. Becky (the assistant) is at this moment creeping up the staircase with a gun to investigate strange noises...

Do excuse me!

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  1. Love these diary entries! And 13k is mighty impressive!

    I like hearing about your WIP, too. It sounds really good! Mine is pretty boring, but I'm writing it because it has an easy structure. I'm not bummed about it though, I'm enjoying myself. =]