Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nano, Day 2: Spies Be Among Us!

Dear Diary,

To curb my boredom, I determined I should write a novel of my own. A proper novel, without my host and her pesky imagination to get in the way.

I decided to open with the classic: "It was a dark and stormy night," but alas I had to quickly shelve this adage. I mean really, it being "night" makes "dark" redundant. Also, if it is "stormy," it would obviously be "dark" - yet another redundancy. So I edited it down to a proper "It was a stormy night."

By that time, however, I was too exhausted to continue, and have therefore shelved my story for another time.

Perhaps next June.

Yours affectionately,
Inner Editor

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Nano, Day 2

I think I may have possibly settled on a story! And a day early! XD It was in the 10/31 short pile and got dismissed, but I pulled it out again last night and now I am past the prologue and into the first chapter - almost 800 words in all. It's greatest appeal was I already had it mostly plotted out in a really bad outline. How could I say no to a pre-plotted book? I rarely ever have those to work with! 

It is tentatively titled A Spy Among Us, and follows a spy's assistant, son, and ex-cop brother-in-law after his wife dies and the trio finds themselves on the run from bad people. Really, the spy barely makes an appearance, but there are lots of spy-like things to otherwise entertain. ;)

With my overflow from yesterday I made over word count at work today, but plan to continue some more tonight if possible. Wednesday nights make for horribly boring television options at my house, so once my web duties are done I'm free to write until my fingers cramp! I really need to hide my reading material though...

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