Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nano Day 26: The End Draws Near

Dear Diary,

I feel I am quite hopelessly lost, my dearest friend. I have been wandering about these sewers for days without any sign of light or an exit, and fear the worst. Can you imagine? Those banked words may never see a red pen...

I did hear a great noise a while ago - it sounded like the pounding of many feet, as if rushing about with great urgency. It shook the tunnel walls and set the water sloshing around me. My pants are now soaked up to my shins, and it is very uncomfortable - I do hope it doesn't happen again.

I have been subsisting on an underground food storage I stumbled across (perhaps a few days ago? I don't know), filled with dried meats and bottled jellies. While it made for quite a meal, the way out was bricked up tight with no sign of busting or digging through. Whoever they were, they were quite accomplished in masonry along with their mastery of food preservation.

I fear I shall never find my way out, and shall spend the rest of my life down here, gnawing on turkey jerky and talking only to you.

While the company is quite pleasant, I would kill for a good candy bar.

Yours lost and possibly forgotten,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 26

Thanksgiving should have been a good word day, but alas when I sat in front of the computer after not writing a single word Wednesday I had lost all (and I do mean ALL) interest in ASAU and was repulsed by even the thought of the story. So I did the second thing a writer would do in the situation - I turned off the computer and left it for another day, even though I was behind word count. (What is the first thing a writer would do, you try to remember? That would be ditch the story and begin a whole new one. But so close to both the end of my story and the end of Nano, I wanted to TRY and stick it out.)

Thankfully, after some Black Friday shopping in the morning, Friday proved kinder to me, and spread out on the couch (and not at my desk) I got back into the story and passed word count.

As for today, after a nice afternoon with an amazing and lovely Word War taskmistress (where has she been all month?), I am now at 44K! Only 6K more to go. But there is a problem: I am in the middle of the LAST SCENE. With 6K to go. And it's mostly action. Rut-roh.

The last thing I want to do is go back and try to ADD to ASAU. I never want to see this story again - I have been writing it on automatic for weeks now. I thought of perhaps trying to fit in a short story, but there are only a few days left and I have another deadline to think of: Project V - 12/31/11.

So the plan is, if I don't make word count when ASAU ends, I hit the ground running right back into Project V. I have been DYING to get my hands on it again - I even started questioning character motivation instead of falling asleep last night. It is screaming to be finished, and I'll be damned if I don't answer the call.

Viva la noveling! XD

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