Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nano Day 5: Writing Out

Dear Diary,

When my captors brought my evening meal I requested a whole new stack of New York Times [so-called ] Best-sellers, along with a picture book of scenic New York.

According to my calculations - although I am quite horrid at math, as words are my forte - if they bring me a new stack of books each day, in under a week I should be able to create a scale model of downtown Manhattan, the residence of them that cursed me with such horrid books.

And then once that is finished, I shall request Newberry Award winners and recreate Paris. Perhaps if I build the Eiffel Tower tall enough, I will alert the media of my location and they will rescue me.

Yours to scale,
Inner Editor


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 5

Today was my first 2011 Write-Out! I'm very happy how well it went - lots of old faces, but quite a few new ones too. It was great to see them all! XD

And I got a shocking amount of words written - I never get much typed up outside of sitting all by myself in the living room without music, noise, or distraction of any kind. Even if ASAU is giving me trouble, at least it has been easy to write.

I'm hoping to get in another 500 words at least tonight, so I keep this short. I hope your weekend is filled with many, many words as well!

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