Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nano Day 22: The Final Scenes Approacheth

Dear Diary,

Do pardon the smell, but as they say: I have struck gold!

Well, "gold" is a horrible term for the stroke of luck that has befallen me. More like "filth," for I have indeed struck filth in every sense of the word. But while I have assured myself that I shall scald my skin and burn every article of clothing on my person afterwards, it is a blessing.

You see, before I could begin tunneling up towards possible freedom, I broke through into a sewer tunnel. While the smell is quite atrocious and makes me gag, you can understand my elatement: no more digging on my part!

The sewer tunnel continues with no end in sight to either side, but after several days of crawling about in the dirt, a nice jaunt through raw waste will do me good.

The "jaunt" part. Not the "through" part. The "through" part will take all my willpower and much breathing through the mouth.

Yours up to her knees in unmentionable liquid,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 22

No writing yesterday during or after work, but I got in a nice 3K+ afternoon today. My story is moving at a breakneck pace now - I have decided to stick to only the major scenes planned in my head, so it is simply pouring forth from my fingers.

I have already made the two trades (for the son and for the spy father), filled the spy father in about everything, and now they are currently entering HQ. Soon: the final scene.

Keep your fingers crossed I'll get 10K out of it somehow...

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