Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nano Day 17: The Big One (and Smiting)

Dear Diary,

I apologize for whispering, but we must be quiet. I can hear the guards above in the cell, trying to decide if they should look for me in the Fortress of Solitude or respect my privacy and hope I will come out when I get hungry enough. I added a Postscript to my DO NOT DISTURB sign, which read:

"P.S. Fasting."

Hopefully it will hold them at bay for at least a few days and give me a head start. When they do finally come after me, though, all they shall find is an empty fortress, for I have begun filling the tunnel behind me with the dirt ahead. 

There is no turning back now.

Yours no matter the volume,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 17

Thought I wouldn't get any words in today, but surprised myself with a late afternoon session and now I'm caught up past Saturday! XD I REALLY like keeping several days ahead of word count - it relieves a small sliver of stress from my life.

I am currently on the 2nd half of The Big [Middle] Scene. I thought it all had to be written in one sitting, but thankfully it split itself in two so I could take a breather and eat dinner and watch M*A*S*H and Person of Interest.

As I swore to do I paused at every point while writing and thought, "What would be the worst that could happen?" And then I smote my character with it. Many more words were typed, and some tension wrought. Makes for some pretty good writing, smiting. ;)

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