Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nano Day 8: The Dreaded Week 2

Dear Diary,

My cleverness continues to shine, my fuzzy lined colleague.

Operation Cuckoo's Nest is coming along nicely. The First Step in my Three-Step Plan is to emancipate myself from this cell, and I have taken the preliminary measures to insure my escape.

When the guard returned for my morning cereal bowl, I insisted on retaining the spoon. I informed him that I had taken up telekinesis as a hobby and all the good reference books insisted bending spoons was the way to start. He was wary, but after much whining on my part he left the utensil with me.

I have decided to dig my tunnel in the far left corner, and have requisitioned the evening guard for a book on redecorating, to have an excuse to maneuver the furniture to cover it.

I tried to request some flowered drapes for my cell bars as well, but I was informed the floral look was so last year. Alas, foiled by fashion.

Yours in mind and pen,
Inner Editor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nano, Day 8

Week Two is supposed to be the dreaded week for Wrimos, but I've never had the problem and don't feel I will this year either. Week One is my dreaded week, when I'm forced to finally settle on a story and get into it. Don't get me wrong, beginnings are easy for me, but during Nano they can prove not as easy as they usually are.

Once Week Two rolls around, my story smoothes out and moves well. The characters become their own, the world forms, and my plot... well, plot is always a problem, but it does its best and that's all I can ask.

Despite being home all day today I only got about 1,200 words written, bringing me just short of tomorrow's 15K count. But despite a warned busy day at work tomorrow I shall make it or, as my blog name suggests, die trying. ;)

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